proptyle has been developed by entrepreneurial brothers Yash and Tej Patel to revolutionise the UK property market by bringing together every estate and letting agent in the UK and every property available on their websites. Nowhere else can you easily search for all properties, all estate and letting agents and by the unique, intelligent search criteria that make finding your ideal property easier than it has ever been.

This future proofed search engine has been designed to empower the consumer and support estate agents and letting agents to give the best possible service to consumers. Currently attracting 10000+ monthly visitors, the site is growing in momentum as people realise its awesome potential. The tool displays real time information on available properties providing house hunters with access to a wide range of information, offers and services listed on different agents’ websites.

In today’s market, agents are under growing pressure to cut costs from a variety of sources. proptyle makes this possible by eliminating the extensive costs associated with ad portals as well as the subsequent administrative cost of managing them. Listings are synced automatically so dedicated personnel are no longer required to manually upload listings. This allows these cost savings to be passed on to end clients including both sellers and landlords.

Agents will also benefit from increased direct traffic to their websites. In addition, for a small fee, they can enjoy access to detailed reports summarising valuable information about the source and quality of their traffic on a regular basis and can feature property listings more prominently on the site.

To find out more about how proptyle can support your business, please contact us today via info@proptyle.co.uk.