What is proptyle and how is it different to other property portals?

proptyle is an innovative, real-time, automatic, direct lead generation, complete and accurate property search engine that offers a next generation infra structure and mechanism for the UK residential and commercial property search market. It doesn’t require any effort from estate agents to integrate with it, yet provides a direct lead generation model which benefits both end-users and estate agents immensely.

End-users benefit from the direct lead generation model in addition to a complete and accurate view of the entire UK property inventory. Moreover they get access to a great deal of information, offers and services on agent websites via this direct lead generation approach which is a feature absent in the current property search market. proptyle brings in this innovation.

Estate agents benefit by hugely reduced costs as the process of placing their inventory on ad portals is not required any-more as links to their listings get automatically available via proptyle through our intelligent and innovative search bot. This in turn reduces a lot of administrative costs as well. Thus saved costs can be used by agents to improve their brand and customer services and importantly boost their profits.

As an agent I am concerned about my copyrighted or owned data

Please note that proptyle works and displays as a search engine such as Google/Bing/Yahoo etc just that we are an exact property search engine. When a consumer searches for your properties in your agency area on proptyle then the image and logo point to your website and are displayed as thumbnails. It is not cached or stored on proptyle. So if your website is down for maintenance then those resources cannot be loaded since we don’t cache or store them. When the consumer clicks the property link they are directed to your website property pages just as Google and others direct people to relevant site links.

As a property hunter how can I setup property alerts?

Simply register with a valid email address and setup your property alerts. You can setup both sale and rent based properties in residential and commercial space. Then you should start receiving property alert emails on a periodic basis.

How many available properties proptyle displays?

proptyle displays most available properties, more than the leading property portals, whether it is residential sales/lettings or commercial sales/lettings. In terms of area and postcode coverage, proptyle is by far the most comprehensive search engine in the amount of available properties it displays.

How should the postcode or address be specified?

Postcode is simple, either you specify a partial postcode such as SE1 which will return all the properties in SE1. You can specify a full postcode such as SE1P 5LX (or without a space as SE1P5LX) which will return you properties in 1 mile radius of SE1P 5LX.

If you want to search via address, then the format we currently support is [street or road or place][,][town][,][postcode]. For example, waterloo station,london,se1. You usually can simply specify the street and it will offer you 3 matching candidates. If your town is not listed, you can type a comma and a few initial characters of your town and it should offer you the complete address. Thus it is not necessary to input arbitrary address formats. For example waterloo station is supported but only as waterloo station,london,se1. You can get the fully completed address as soon as you type waterloo sta.

Property link does not land on the property page

There are a few agent websites which require end-users to register before they can view the full details. Thus those links will lead to the registration page of the agent website. Once registered details would be visible.

Property is shown as available on proptyle but is no longer available or vice-versa

The reason is that property has just changed its status. The new status will get automatically reflected shortly. In the meanwhile as a property hunter you do get the correct status of the property on agent’s website.

Property link appears broken

The most likely reason is that the property is no longer on the market since it is not available on agent’s website. In this case it would get automatically removed shortly.

I am an agent or property hunter and my property details are shown wrong

Please send us the details so that we can rectify the issues asap.

I am an agent and my properties are shown but not all properties are shown which appears to be a glitch

Please send us the details so that we can rectify the issues asap.

I am an agent and have a website but my properties are not shown on proptyle

Simply send your website details by email at info@proptyle.co.uk (or use the ‘Contact Us’ page) or phone and we will follow up asap.

Land Registry Sold Transactions

On the ‘SOLD PRICES’ page, one can view sold transactions data by specifying a full postcode. It would display chronologically ordered transactions in that particular postcode. The sold prices data is powered by Land Registry Linked Open Data available at http://landregistry.data.gov.uk.

Property Estimates

Property Estimates page provides an estimated guidance of your residential property price based on our own novel algorithm and your simple inputs. It is simply an estimated guidance to give a good idea and true asking price should only be confirmed through official property valuers. Please provide us feedback or send a query at info@proptyle.co.uk if you think we could improve the estimation process or observe issues.