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1 bed flat

Church Lane, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 2ES

listed on 2018-03-03  Housing Care   

Manager's description “We have a very friendly, warm home, and community of eleven residents. They have the privacy and independence of their own accommodation with the companionship of thers if they want it; along with the security that comes with the knowledge that they can get help 24 hours a day if needed. A ...” bbeyfield Rippon was opened in 1975, the building having been converted and renovated to make it a homely and friendly house. We have 8 studio partments, and 2 one-bedroomed flats - all have ensuite facilities. In 2011/12 the home was renovated including new carpets and decorations to communal areas and new kitchens, consisting of fridge, double hob, microwave, sink and storage units were fitted into the flats. We are very close to the town centre and public transport. Local doctors casn be found onlt a quarter of a mile away. The rent/service charge includes two main meals, emergency response system, utility bills (not telephone), council tax etc. As we are not-for-profit we can provide quality accommodation without it costing the earth” Main facts Retirement housing 10 flats. Built in 1975 and renovated in 2011. Sizes studio, 1 bedroom. Includes mobility standard properties Non-resident management staff (7 days) and Careline alarm service Stair lift(s), Lounge, Dining room, Laundry, Garden, Conservatory Access to site fairly easy. Distances: bus stop 0.75 mile(s); shop 0.5 mile(s); post office 0.75 mile(s); town centre 0.5 mile(s); GP 0.25 mile(s) Regular Social Activities include: Monthly social activities, trips out, quizzes etc. Some meals available (all meals daily except breakfast 365 days a year). New residents accepted from 60 years of age Tenure(s): Rent ( social landlord ) Developed by Abbeyfield Ripon & District Society Ltd Info updated: 02/01/2014.

2 bed flat

Fennell Grove, Ripon, North Yorkshire, HG4 2SZ

listed on 2018-03-03  Housing Care   

Manager's description “Offering a range of 40 Extra Care retirement apartments, Sunnyfield Lodge in Ripon is conveniently sited for local shops, transport links and amenities. You’ll enjoy use of a wide variety of on-site facilities including residents’ lounges, hair salon, beauty/therapy room and guest room. Midday meal ...” s can be enjoyed in the on-site restaurant, which has a choice of dishes. You won’t have to worry about maintenance of the buildings/grounds as they are taken care of by the on-site manager, who can also assist you with accessing further help and support if required. There are optional social activities to take part in such as games sessions, coffee mornings and weekly film shows, giving you an opportunity to get to know the neighbours!” Main facts Extra care housing 40 flats. Built in 2007. Sizes 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom Extra Care scheme with on-site care staff (24 hours / 7 days), Non-resident management staff and Careline alarm service Lift, Lounge, Dining room, Laundry, Guest facilities, Garden, Conservatory, Hobby room, Shop, Hairdressing salon, Assisted bathing facility Whole site accessible by wheelchair. Access to site fairly easy. Distances: bus stop 300 yards; shop 0.5 mile(s); post office 0.5 mile(s); town centre 0.5 mile(s); GP 0.5 mile(s) Regular Social Activities include: Bingo etc/other games, entertainers, schools/enetertainment, regulat tea/coffee afternoons, organised by Estate Manager & residents Social Committee. Some meals available. New residents accepted from 55 years of age. Both cats & dogs generally accepted, but not to be replaced Tenure(s): Rent ( social landlord ) and Shared Ownership Cost: 75% shares available Care provider: North Yorkshire County Council Info updated: 09/03/2011.

2 bed house

Springfield House, Rookwith, Yorkshire Dales

listed on 2019-09-13  Holiday Cottages   

Springfield House, Rookwith, Yorkshire Dales Our rating grade grade grade grade people 4 hotel 2 1 pets 2 var autoExpandWhy = true; function profile(ID, Nights, Changeover, Start, Finish, Soft) { this.ID = ID; this.Nights = Nights; this.Changeover = Changeover; this.Start = new Date(Start.split('/')[2],parseInt(Start.split('/')[1])-1,Start.split('/')[0]); this.Finish = new Date(Finish.split('/')[2],parseInt(Finish.split('/')[1])-1,Finish.split('/')[0]); this.Soft = Soft; } function SBClick(link) { var cal = $('#shortbreak'); $(cal).show().position({ my: 'bottom-16', at: 'middle', collision: 'flip', of: $(link), using: function (obj) { if (obj.left < $(link).offset().left) { $(this).addClass('flipped'); } else { $(this).removeClass('flipped'); } //decide if dialog is being opened flipped from buttom to top if (( + 275) < $(link).offset().top) { $(this).addClass('flipped_top'); $(this).removeClass('flipped_bottom'); } else { $(this).removeClass('flipped_top'); $(this).addClass('flipped_bottom'); 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Your booking is always safe and secure Share share (function (d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = '//'; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); 1/3 Deposit Take advantage of our deposit scheme when booking 9 weeks or more in advance. Sleeps 4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1 Change Fri Dogs allowed 2 4 star Enclosed garden / patio Open fire / woodburner Increased accessibility Internet access Family friendly Towels included Travel cot available Highchair available At a glance Traditional stone bungalow with charm, character, and stylish finish Set in a tranquil and peaceful location near the owners’ working farm Magnificent views across farmland and towards the Dales Fells and Moorland Close to the Yorkshire Dales, the cathedral city of Ripon and the Spa town of Harrogate Beautiful scenery and wildlife on your doorstep   Walking and cycle routes are accessible directly from the bungalow Property code: 57355 This lovely stone bungalow is located close to the owners’ working farm in the heart of North Yorkshire, beautifully furnished and enjoying uninterrupted views over farmland and hills beyond. Located in the peaceful hamlet of Rookwith with the beautiful market town of Masham close by, and the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales National Park, perfect for a friends or family holiday. Also a short drive away you will find the Dales market towns of Lyburn and Middleham famous for it's castle and racing stables. Discover the sweeping valleys and hidden waterfalls of Wensleydale and Swaledale, with miles of walks for all abilities and cycle tracks, providing a real ‘get away from it all destination’. Heading further afield, take a trip to Fountains Abbey is a must as well as Skipton with its frequent market and Bolton Abbey. This property has the added benefit of two entrances, to the front of the property there is a path leading to the front door with wheel chair access into the inner hallway with separate WC. To the side of the property is a door which opens into the entrance hall and utility room with washing machine  tumble dryer and compact dishwasher, the perfect place to hang coats and leave those muddy boots. Venture into the kitchen/diner, equipped with TV, an electric oven and hob, fridge/freezer and microwave, there is also a comfy sofa to sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning views over farmland and the fells. Enjoy cooking a meal together and plan your next adventure over a delicious meal. Head through the door from the kitchen/diner into the inner hallway and into the bright and spacious lounge, take time to take in the magnificent views over the owners’ farmland and the fells in the distance. Unwind on the comfortable sofa and arm chairs in front of the wood burner and watch a film on the Smart TV, or why not play the piano or a board game together. Head through the double doors into the lovely conservatory, where you can find some quiet time with a good book or why not take afternoon tea together in this lovely space, doors lead out to the garden area. Leading off the hallway, you will find two bedrooms, a twin zip-and-link (which can be made up as a king-size on request) and a spacious king-size bedroom (with additional double day bed by arrangement) and Jack and Jill wet room style bathroom which has wheelchair access, with bath, separate shower and WC. Heading outside there is a patio with gas BBQ and table and chairs to enjoy al fresco dining. To the front of the property there is a further seating area to enjoy the views and the dark skies at night for star gazing. There is an extensive fully enclosed grass area for your four-legged friends to run around and a fire pit to enjoy star gazing, and ample off-road parking for four cars. The owners can also arrange for private access to footpaths by the River Ure on their farmland. A hot tub can be arranged for guests wishing to hire, at an additional cost of £190. Dogs are charged at £20 each per full or part week. 2 bedrooms - 1 king-size and 1 twin zip-and-link (which can be made up as a king-size on request) 1 Jack and Jill bathroom and 1 separate WC Electric oven and hob, fridge/freezer and microwave Utility room with washing machine, tumble dryer and compact dishwasher Hot tub by arrangement at an additional cost of £190 per hire (Pay hot tub company directly) Wood burner (first basket of logs included) Electric and central heating included Bed linen and towels included Off-road parking for 4 cars Wi-Fi included 2 dogs welcome (further by arrangement) The owner can provide a dog crate and dog bed Shops, cafe and pubs 3 miles Bicycle storage available Increased accessibility – Please ensure you refer to our FAQ’s Smart TV in lounge and TV in the kitchen/diner Sleeps 4 + 2 (double day bed in double bedroom by arrangement) Gas BBQ and fire pit